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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course (English)

For organisations to succeed in our rapidly changing world, continuous adaptation and improvement of work processes is very important. For decades, Lean Six Sigma has been the most successful improvement methodology. It solves deeply rooted causes of problems, makes work processes more efficient and involves employees towards a culture of continuous improvement.

We offer our training on location and online in our Virtual Classroom. 


During this 6-day training you learn all about Lean management and Six Sigma. We teach you how to apply the practical tools and what you can do to realise a culture of ‘continuous improvement’. After the training you will be able to manage a Lean Six Sigma improvement project from start to finish.

We train in groups up to 12 participants. They come from all regions and branches. This often leads to valuable discussions and knowledge sharing. It is nice to see that participants are often still in contact with each other after the training. We also support this by organising inspiring events, masterclasses and a half-yearly Lean reunion.

Online learning environment ‘My Bureau Tromp’

After registration you will get access to your personal ‘My Bureau Tromp’ online learning environment. Here you will find an overview of your courses and certificates obtained. You will also find the training material, e-learnings, exercises and templates here.

Please find more information in the tabs here below:


Content of the training

First you will get to know the backgrounds of Lean Management and Six Sigma and learn how these two methodologies reinforce each other. From here we will teach you all the important instruments from the Lean Six Sigma toolbox, the interrelationships between them and the DMAIC project structure. You can expect a lively training in which we practice with the tools. Learning by doing is the best way.

In this training we use a diversity of Lean games, videos, discussions and practical simulations. This way we bring theory into practice so you can apply what you’ve learnt in your own work environment.

As it is very important that improvements are accepted by management and employees, we devote considerable attention to change management. Think about topics such as project selection, stakeholder management and how to deal with resistance. We teach you some soft skills that will help you to get your projects on a good start.

Finally, we’ll consider the future of work processes. Lean Six Sigma plays an important role in the current digitization / robotization trend. Therefore, let’s discuss how this impacts the way we do our work.

The training is practical and interactive. Our consultant/trainer tells from his or her own experience. Moreover, we regularly ask participants about their practical examples and provoke discussions. This makes the theory a “real” story.

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course program

  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
    • The origins of these methodologies
    • How do Lean and Six Sigma reinforce one another?
    • Examples of effective Lean Six Sigma projects
    • Customer value and 7 wastes
  • Define
    • Project start-up
    • Voice of the Customer
    • Value Stream Mapping
  • Measure
    • Data and data collection
    • Flow and Pull
    • Kanban
  • Analyse
    • Basic knowledge of statistics
    • Relative contribution and histograms
    • Causes
    • Analysis of techniques
  • Improve
    • Generation of solutions
    • Selection of the best solutions
    • Performance of pilots
    • Successful implementation of changes
  • Control
    • Perfection
    • 5S, Kaizen and Poka Yoke
    • A3 management
    • Controlplan
    • Conclusion of project

Duration of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course

The training takes 6 days spread over 3 training blocks of 2 days. The training days are from 9:30 AM to approximately 4:00 PM. The training location is the office of Bureau Tromp in Utrecht. The study load excluding training days is 3 to 4 hours per week.

Under the ‘Register’ tab you will find the starting dates and all other dates of the training courses.

For in between training blocks we give you a number of manageable assignments. Think of reading articles, going through e-learnings and implementing Lean instruments in practice. This way you can already get a taste of how it’s like in practice. It is not a problem if you do get to it. However, please realise that ‘doing is the best way of learning’. When back in the training we discuss everyone’s experiences, which often lead to great stories.

Our trainers and the CSSC certification

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt courses are given by our experienced Lean Six Sigma Black Belt consultants. With many practical examples, they explain the theory of Lean and Six Sigma. You’ll learn how to put the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt theory into practice through simulations and exercises.

At the end of the training, there will be an examination. When completed successfully, you will immediately receive the official Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate from “The Counsel for Six Sigma Certification” (CSSC). In the unlikely event that you do not pass the examination, we will schedule a retake free of charge.

Bureau Tromp is a Lean Six Sigma training organization accredited by “The Counsel for Six Sigma Certification” (CSSC). This accreditation guarantees our high-quality training. Moreover, your certificate is recognized worldwide.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course CSSC


The costs for participation is € 3400,- (excl. 21% VAT or 0% VAT for private persons and organisations with a VAT exemption) per person. This includes all training materials, examination, official CSSC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate, ‘My Bureau Tromp’ learning environment and facilities (lunches, drinks, etc.).

If you have already completed a training course with us, you will receive a 10% ‘advance’ discount.

Coaching (optional)

After the training, you will start working on your first improvement project. As with everything you do for the first time, the beginning is difficult. Our (Master) Black Belt consultants (often the trainer) are happy to help you with this. This way, you learn how to put theory into practice quickly and pleasantly and reach good results at the same time.

Our consultant is your sparring partner. You share project documents and data with each other. The contact is via email, telephone and personal appointment. He or she will monitor your development and test your skills. At the end of your improvement project you will receive the highly rewarded ‘CSSC practical certificate’.

You personally discuss the intensity of your coaching sessions with our consultant. Minimum coaching is 6 hours. Costs for this are € 900.

  • 6 hours of supervision by a (Master) Black Belt;
  • A personal final interview together with your sponsor
  • A framed ‘CSSC practical certificate’.

The following course are scheduled in Houten – Utrecht.

  • At this moment we do not have scheduled this training.

Click here for the registration form.

We look forward to meeting you.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (English)

Maa. 1 juli 2024 in Utrecht (Kantoor Bureau Tromp)

Take the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training (English) and start working independently on Lean Six Sigma projects in your organization. This is a 6 day training course.
Training dates:July 1+3+5+8+10+12 2024. Price for this training: €3400,- ex VAT


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Lean Green Belt (English)

Maa. 1 juli 2024 in Utrecht (Kantoor Bureau Tromp)

Take the Lean Green Belt training (English) and start working independently on Lean projects in your organization. This is a 5 day LCS certified training course.
Training dates:July 1+3+4+10+12 2024. Price for this training: €2835,- ex VAT.


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