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Continuous Improvement with Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma English

For organizations to succeed in our rapidly changing world, continuous adaptation and improvement of work processes is very important. For decades, Lean Six Sigma has been the most successful improvement methodology. It solves deeply rooted causes of problems, makes work processes more efficient and involves employees towards a culture of continuous improvement.

The strong points of Lean Six Sigma are that it’s easy to understand for all employees and at the same time gives project managers overview and structure for success in their complex improvement projects.

We assist organizations in implementing the Lean Six Sigma methodology and culture. We do this by offering advice, interim consulting, coaching and various training courses.

We have been assisting organizations throughout Europe and in the US. From small local companies to large multi-national organizations.

Advice and Interim Consulting

For Lean Six Sigma to be successful it needs support from both management and employees. Obtaining and maintaining this support is a delicate matter and should be handled with care.

Our consultants assist on all levels to make sure the right decisions are made regarding strategic goal-setting, the role of managers, communication and program management. Furthermore, our consultants execute some (first) improvement projects to make sure that Lean Six Sigma gets off on a good start.

We’re excited to hear about your organizational challenges. Let’s discuss how Lean Six Sigma could help you and your organization too. Please contact us by calling 030 227 0000 or send us an email to

Our Lean Six Sigma Training Courses

We highly believe in educating the workforce in Lean Six Sigma. This way organizations reach durable results. The best improvements to work processes are made by the people who are actually doing the work. This is what makes Lean Six Sigma such a powerful methodology and culture.

With the 1-day Yellow Belt and 2-days Orange Belt training, we teach employees basic knowledge and skills. After, they will feel encouraged to start making smaller improvements in their own work environment. Over time, a lot of small improvements make a very big impact. Next to that, it involves employees in how work processes are organized which increases their work satisfaction.

With the 6-days Green Belt training, we give project managers the tools to drive their improvement projects to a success. The distinguished DMAIC project structure helps them in managing their projects better. From the start, it excels in scoping, planning, problem definition and stakeholder management. Next to that, it offers extensive tools to make the right judgement about the root-causes of problems, brainstorming for solutions and making sure that improvements are supported by employees.

The 10-days Black Belt training is the most extensive training in Lean Six Sigma. The role of the Black Belt within the organization is more from a strategic standpoint. Therefore, the training covers all the topics of the Green Belt training and adds more complex analytical/statistical skills, coaching skills, change management, project selection and program management.

Support from directors and senior management plays an important role in any improvement program and/or project. During the 2-days Champion Belt training we teach managers basic knowledge on Lean Six Sigma and discuss goals-setting, communication plans and program management.

We look forward to arranging these trainings for you and your organization. We offer both open courses and in-company courses.

Please contact us for more information by calling +31 (0)30 227 0000 or send us an email to

We have scheduled the following open courses:

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Lean Green to Black Belt


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